Union Symphony Youth Orchestra

Photo Taken by Luke Johnson

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Union Symphony Youth Orchestra welcomes new Union Symphony Youth Director, Tom LaJoie. LaJoie, also Director of the Symphony Orchestra at UNC Charlotte, has extensive experience at all levels of music education from elementary through college level. He has taught orchestra, Advanced Placement Music Theory, and IB Music in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools System for 19 years. He has also been guest conductor for various honor ensembles such as the Western Region Repertory Orchestra and the York County Senior String Honors Orchestra. He has a great deal of experience with full orchestras as well, has frequently programmed for his top ensemble at Myers Park and for the Symphony Orchestra at UNC Charlotte. Being a string pedagogue, LaJoie brings these skills to instruction for technique to achieve the best sound possible in performance. We look forward to this season with Tom LaJoie.

               Union Symphony Youth Orchestra  • Labor Day Concert September 3, 2012 • Marvin Ridge High School