“Against All Odds” 10th Anniversary Celebration

Mekel Rogers is pleased to dedicate the original composition “Against All Odds” to the USYO for the 10th anniversary celebrations.

The task of creating a youth orchestra in Union County was a significant challenge.  With no strings programs in the public school systems, students had to be found through private lesson instructors and by word of mouth.  Most had never played in any sort of ensemble at all.  Additionally, the orchestra ran on a shoestring budget at the height of the 2008 global economic recession.  Against all these odds, the USYO moved forward slowly but consistently towards becoming a quality ensemble that provided, and continues to provide, an excellent opportunity for orchestra students to be a part of a greater group effort.
The selection “Against All Odds” is a celebration of the hard work and dedication that the students and staff put forth to make USYO a success at its beginnings.