Board of Directors

USSI Officers, Directors & Executive Staff 2017–2018

Richard Yercheck, Chair
George Massey, Vice Chair
Jeff Sagraves, Treasurer and Finance Director
Tyler Uebele, Secretary
Dr. Martha Asti
Laura Dugick
Dr. Ben Graef
Sherry Helms
Jessie Lindberg
Royal Link
Christopher Long
Mary Ann Rasberry


USYO Staff

Sabrina Howard, Youth Director
Carol Wiley, Manager
Amanda Turner, Prelude Junior String Director
Keith James, Associate Director, Winds/Percussion Instructor
Jonathan Sullivan, High Strings Instructor
Scott Garrett, High Strings Instructor
Courtney Guthrie, High Strings Instructor
Adam Rafferty, Low Strings Instructor
Rosemary Webster, Low Strings Instructor
Barry Howard, Winds/Percussion Instructor


USYO Advisory Board

Carol Wiley, Director
Myriam Breedlove, Communications
Michelle El-Massri, Operations
Susan Garera, Hospitality
Marcus Kuncoro, Photography
Enid Osbourn, Yearbook
Frank Pixley, Photography
Tonya Stanley, Operations
Jimmy Wang, Photography
Donna Tennis, Photography


Union Symphony Executive Personnel

Kim Norwood, Executive Director
Richard Rosenberg, Artistic Director
Sabrina Howard, Youth Director
Rhonda Rivers, Administrative Assistant