2020-2021 Concert Season

Congratulations, New Members!

We would like to commend and thank all our audition applicants and their families. 

photo: Donna Tennis


Annual Membership Fee

Includes USYO t-shirt and summer music camp fee

USYO $660 (Annual Membership) 
Prelude $585 (Annual Membership)

Fee Schedule

Student membership fee deposit of $385/ Total Due  $385 postmarked by June 1
Deposit fee increases $10 per day for each day it is late.
Student membership fee requirements can be met in one payment on June 1 or in three installments on June 1, July 1 and August 1.

Fee schedule
June 1  $385
July 1  $100
August 1 $100

Youth Orchestra
June 1  $385
July 1  $137.50
August 1  $137.50

All fees are nonrefundable.