What Our Members Are Saying

“I like playing jazz because it makes you feel free and creative. Jazz is a blank canvas waiting to be filled with abstract ideas. It gives you a great feeling that you have to experience to understand.”
— Ryan






“Music is very important to me because I get to express myself without saying a word. Everyone understands it, even if the emotions you feel aren’t invented yet. It’s something you don’t have to understand. I appreciate being chosen to be in Allegro Strings, Dorian Fiddles and USYO Prelude because they allow us to be able to express music with others, let us learn how to get better in our acquired trade, builds up my confidence, and helps me make new friends.”
— Gisele




“Thanks for your support. Playing the violin makes me feel happy.”
— Christian








“Music is a great way for people of all different backgrounds to come together as one.” — Genna








“Music is a big part of my life, whether I am listening to it or playing it. I love music because it is a way to express yourself without using words. Music is one of the universal languages. I enjoy playing with the Allegro Strings, Dorian Fiddles and USYO Prelude because they are ways for me to express myself and learn different types of music.” — Rodrick




“God made music – what’s not to love.”

— Adayah








“I like playing the violin and being in Allegro Strings because we play different music, have recitals and go many different places and get to meet new people.” — Ava







“Music is fun to listen to and even more fun to play, especially with people you love.” — Ezra








“I love the genre of music we play in Allegro Strings.  Mrs. Fowler picks all types of fun songs for us to perform.”
— Lily







“Camp with the USYO at Wingate University, while challenging, was a great experience. Playing nonstop everyday is demanding, but you just know that you are getting better and forming a bond with the people around you that’s priceless.”
— Gabrielle